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Tomas Pokorny

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Tomas Pokorny has been handling multiple roles, including CEO and co-founder of Pi Pay Plc., Board Director, Secretary-General & Community & Membership Committees Chair of CAFT, and Founder of D.Q.D Consulting Co., Ltd. as well as Mentor for 500 Global and Independent Board Director & Chairman of Audit Committee for FWD Insurance, Board Director of IG Group International Pte. Ltd., Jalat Logistics Co., Ltd., and others. During his 8+ years of leadership at Cambodia’s fintech mover & shaker, Pi Pay has grown to now become Cambodia’s pioneering FinTech Company in its own niche. 


Tomas’s core areas of expertise are fintech and tech ventures and their impact on legacy industries, innovation of business development, strategic planning & growth tactics, and M&As & investments for early-stage opportunities. Currently, Tomas pursues interests and efforts mainly aligned with the support of multiple early-stage startups and startup ecosystem development opportunities, including his own latest blockchain venture, Brixie, which has raised its first USD500k in a pre-seed, ideation round.

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