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Mike Tuon

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Michael has adeptly navigated multiple executive roles, transitioning from influential positions at Amazon, Microsoft, and 500 Global to founding Upward Innovators, a venture capital firm focused on elevating startups in emerging markets. Under his leadership, his firm has become a crucial player in global investment, propelling innovations that address significant economic and technological needs. His career is marked by strategic growth initiatives, leading large-scale projects that have solidified his reputation as a catalyst for transformation in the tech and investment sectors.

Michael's expertise encompasses a range of sectors including technology, strategic investment, and global market expansion. Currently, he is dedicated to driving progress in innovative ventures, particularly in the blockchain space with his latest project, which has successfully secured significant pre-seed funding. His ongoing commitment to developing the startup ecosystem and supporting early-stage companies showcases his vision for a future where technology and entrepreneurship converge to create impactful solutions.

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