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The Impact Innovators Acceleration Program, initiated by Upward Innovators in partnership with OXFAM, stands at the forefront of a transformative movement in the business world. As impact investing continues to gain momentum, this program emerges as a critical catalyst for startups aiming to align profitability with a deep commitment to social and environmental change. In an era where investors and consumers alike are increasingly conscientious about the societal footprint of businesses, Impact Innovators offers a unique and timely solution for entrepreneurial success that also fosters a sustainable future.

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Accelerator Program

At the heart of Upward Venture Capital's Accelerator lies a unique ethos: "Founders for Founders." As a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders, we deeply understand the journey from startup inception to successful exit and beyond. Our accelerator is designed to empower emerging startups by leveraging our firsthand experience and insights in business growth and development.

By aligning our accelerator with the "Founders for Founders" philosophy, we ensure that startups not only achieve financial success but also make a meaningful impact, marking their journey with milestones that resonate with our collective vision of innovation and responsible growth.

The integration with our Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) provides startups with direct access to targeted investments and sector expertise. Upward Venture Capital's Accelerator is more than a growth program; it's a platform for building sustainable, ethical, and impactful enterprises poised for success in today’s market.

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Upward Venture Capital's Accelerator stands out from others primarily due to its unique 'Founders for Founders' approach, where experienced entrepreneurs lead the program, providing practical, real-world insights and mentorship. This is complemented by our strong focus on sustainable and ethical growth, ensuring startups not only expand rapidly but also responsibly, aligning their success with positive social and environmental impacts. Unlike standard programs, our accelerator offers customized mentorship and resources tailored to the specific needs and growth stages of each startup, ensuring more effective support. We emphasize long-term strategic planning, preparing startups for enduring success, including scaling and exit strategies.


A key feature of our program is the robust community and network building, where startups join a supportive ecosystem of peers, alumni, and industry experts for collaboration and partnership. Our diverse industry focus, especially in sectors like renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and technology, reflects our commitment to impactful ventures.

What Makes Upward

Different than Others

Upward Venture Capital's Accelerator is uniquely tailored to drive growth and scalability for startups. Our program is meticulously designed to address the core elements essential for scaling a business effectively in today’s competitive marketplace.

At the forefront of our accelerator is a strong emphasis on sustainable growth. We believe that true scalability is achieved when a business grows not just rapidly but also responsibly. To this end, we provide startups with the tools and knowledge to scale their operations while maintaining a commitment to sustainable practices and ethical business conduct.

A key component of our approach is the customized mentorship and strategic guidance we offer. Recognizing that each startup has its unique challenges and growth trajectories, we provide personalized support that targets specific areas crucial for scalability. This includes developing efficient operational processes, refining business models for scalability, and leveraging technology for growth.

Focused on Growth

& Scalability

We take a holistic and tailored approach to developing founders and entrepreneurs. Central to our philosophy is personalized mentorship, where seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts provide bespoke guidance, catering to the unique challenges and needs of each entrepreneur. Leadership development is a key focus, as we believe effective leadership is crucial for business success, encompassing decision-making, team management, and strategic planning skills. Our program includes a series of workshops and training sessions covering essential business skills such as financial literacy, marketing, and negotiation.

We ensure entrepreneurs have access to vital resources, including funding, market research, and technology, supporting them in testing and scaling their business ideas. We provide deep market and industry insights, helping entrepreneurs to strategically position their businesses for success.

Developing Founders
& Entrepreneurs 

Application for Batch 2 Ends April 15, 2024

Program Selection

Alignment with Impact Goals: Startups should demonstrate a clear commitment to social and environmental impact, integrated into their business model.

Stage of Development: We are focusing on startups at the pre-seed to seed stages, where strategic support can significantly influence growth and impact trajectories.

Innovativeness: The uniqueness and feasibility of the solution offered by the startup, along with its potential for market disruption.

Team Quality: A dedicated and capable team with the skills and passion to drive the startup towards success.

Scalability Potential: The ability of the business to scale and multiply its impact.

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Problem + Business Impact Alignment

Week 1

Focuses on aligning business models with impact goals, emphasizing the alignment of business and impact objectives.

Session Type:

In Person

Measuring Impact and Management

Week 2

Intro to Impact Measurement, with a focus on developing customized impact measurement frameworks.

Session Type:


Market Strategies and Growth

Week 3

Market access and expansion strategies for impact businesses, tailoring market strategies for growth opportunities.

Session Type:

In Person

Investment Readiness and Prep

Week 4

Prepares participants for impact investment, with a focus on refining pitches and investment materials.

Session Type:

In Person


Week 5

Implementation check-in involving one-on-one sessions for progress review and group sessions for peer learning.

Session Type:


Program Conclusion

Week 6

Concludes the program with sessions on finalizing strategies and setting future goals, capped with a closing group session.

Session Type:

In Person

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